Cheap kitchens

Small economy class kitchens - a functional and practical option for owners of small apartments where you need to maximize the economical and efficient use of every inch of kitchen space.

At a low price, customers can get aesthetic, modern, practical, ergonomic, and high-quality kitchen sets.

Economy kitchens are those that are sold at an affordable price, but the low price does not mean products of poor quality. Economy class furniture is made of modern, inexpensive materials, such as chipboard, particleboard, MDF panels. Various paint and varnish coatings, PVC film or veneer are used for facade cladding, and such methods of processing the panels give the furniture an additional degree of protection from moisture, grease, abrasion, mechanical and chemical damage.

It is very difficult to make a small kitchen functional. Bright colors, pleasant glossy texture makes the economy class kitchens bright and elegant, able to give only a good mood. Such kitchens will delight their owners with an attractive appearance, practicality, and functionality for many years.

Calculate the price of the small kitchen

How much does a new kitchen cost? Is it possible to calculate in advance how much it costs to replace and buy new furniture? Often cheap kitchens, photos of which are presented on the pages of catalogs, at the time of purchase become 2-3 times more expensive. It is realistic to equip a budget kitchen, but first, you need to make a list of options that you can refuse without sacrificing quality and functionality.

The most expensive purchases are new furniture and appliances. Cosmetic repairs like new flooring and painting the walls will cost cheap. There are many places, you can find cheap kitchen doors, cheap chairs, or cheap kitchen cupboard doors. It makes sense to make new wiring of electrical wires and replace old pipes, especially if the house is old and the pipes are made of steel or cast iron. You can also change the location of the key point of the kitchen – the sink.

How the choice of material influences the price

The main component of the price of kitchen furniture is the material for the production of surfaces. At the same time, exterior furniture surface with a significant difference in price can look exactly the same.

The most budget solutions:

Laminated chipboard. Cheap material is obtained by gluing a film on chipboard. The main disadvantage is the unpleasant odor, the source of which is the adhesive composition, impregnated during pressing.

MDF PVC film. MDF surfaces are 10 - 20% more expensive than chipboard. But MDF can be used without restrictions in residential areas: the fibers of the internal structure are glued together with natural compounds. MDF PVC film surfaces are available in different design options. The advantage is the ease of care and durability. The disadvantage is the small thickness of the finish.

If you try, you can find a cheap set of built-in appliances. But in this case, you need to buy furniture piece by piece, it is better to order sets in size. Such a choice will help save space in small kitchens.

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